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Keys can be misplaced or lost very easily, no matter how careful we’re being. Being made of metal and having grooves on them, they are also subject to wear, especially along the grooves/dents on their body. They will bend and break, with time, or due to accidents and adverse weather. If you’re looking to get keys made for your home locks – because you lost your old ones or because you need backups – Bellmawr Locksmith Store is your best bet. We can craft a variety of keys for your locks at affordable prices. We have been offering replacements to local home owners for close to a decade now. You can rely on us to provide you with quality key replacements at affordable rates.

Get new keys made on-site

When you need to get keys made from us, you don’t have to come down to a local workshop – our workshop comes to you instead. Our mobile vans – fitted with advanced tools and machinery – allow us to provide you with an on-site service. When you contact us, we can immediately send a team to your location. Once we’re there, we’ll take a look at the requirements and begin crafting replacements in our vans. It won’t take us more than half an hour to arrive, usually, and we only need a handful of minutes after that to begin crafting replacements. So, unlike other services, you don’t have to wait for hours on end for new ones to be made.

All kinds of keys made at affordable rates

Bellmawr Locksmith Store Bellmawr, NJ 856-454-9412We can get keys made from us for a variety of items, including keys for high-security locks or keys that are hard to duplicate. Here are some of the most popular kinds of keys we can make for you:

  • Entry door
  • Mailbox lock
  • Garage door lock
  • Window lock
  • File cabinet

If you’ve lost your old key, we can still craft a replacement for all manner of locks.

Hand finished products

When you get keys made from us, you are assured of high-quality replacements. We use only state-of-the-art machinery and high-quality key blanks to make spares. Also, we hand finish every single key, that is, we check them for sharp edges, or other defects, and smooth them out.

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